Karisma Kapoor dating a 35-year-old divorced man

After failed marriage, Karisma Kapoor has moved on in life. The mother of two has reportedly found a new man to share her sorrow and happiness. The new man in Karisma Kapoor’s life is a 35-year-old CEO of a successful pharma company, named Sandeep Toshniwal based in Mumbai.

Karisma met Sandeep in a party thrown by a mutual friend. Their meetings increased consequently and they came closer. Though their friendship is in the initial stage, they have developed liking for one another. The most ironical part of their relationship is that Sandeep Toshniwal ihe s also going through the bitter phase of life, has also filed for divorce. He was married to Ashrita and now he is fighting to settle his divorce. He has two daughters from his wife. In July this year he has filed for divorce.  Sandeep’s wife alleges her husband is having an extramarital relationship and it forms the basis of their divorce. He is said to be having an affair with journalist-turned-fashion marketing.

If we be little thoughtful then we will find that history is repeating. Karisma has left her Delhi based businessman husband Sunjay Kapoor due to his alleged extramarital relationship with a socialite Priya Sachdev and he too was a divorcee when he married Karisma. Karisma is Sunjay’s second wife. It’s been a year Karisma has left Sunjay’s house with her two children and currently leaving with her mother Babita but it is heard that Sunjay very often visits Mumbai to meet his children. But it’s everything over from Karisma's side and she has established herself as a single mother.

It was also reported that the actress has filed for divorce. Karisma has started life in a new way and her family and friends are very happy to see her in a happy space today.

Through Karisma and Sandeep’s relationship are in the embryonic stage, possibility is quite high the two ended up getting married.

In August this year, there has been a report carried out in media about Karisma dating a mystery man and now things are crystal clear.

Ever since Karisma Kapoor got married to Sanjay in 2003, she was in news for her disturbed marital life. Trouble in the marriage began from the first year of marriage. Karisma's wedding life was under scanner from the very beginning. Karisma gave everything to her married life but Sanjay was not loyal to her.

After marriage, he entered into an illegal relationship with Delhi socialite Priya Chatwal. Karisma and her family made several attempts to bring Sanjay on the right track but their effort ended in a smoke as he turned a deaf ear to their wordings. He continued his relationship with Priya.

 The duo has filed for divorce and talks are going on over their children’s custody.