Karisma goes back to ail father Randhir

It’s family bonding time in the Kapoor’s family. Babita and Randhir Kapoor were separated for years. They have been living separately for many years and their two daughters are more inclined to their mother than father. But recently, Karisma Kapoor broke the distances and went to meet her ail father Randhir Kapoor who was not keeping well.

Papa Randhir Kapoor did not expect his daughter and he was so overwhelmed to see Karisma that half of his disease gone away. Karisma like a dutiful daughter enquired about his health. A close insider states, "Randhir was so touched to see that Karisma taking charge of all his medical matters and bonding with him closely. Both got nostalgic over the years that they spent apart from each other."

Added to Ranbir’s happiness was the surprise visit of his wife Babita. She landed full support to him which he was missing for years.

Adds the source, "It was the best moment for Randhir, as his family had come together for him and they were all united in crisis."

Its lovely to see a family bonds after so many years.