Boyfriend Rushabh Choksi lashes out at Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel’s new found love is making quite a buzz. Audience might having a good time watching their coochie-choocie on national television but Karishma Tanna’s boyfriend Rushabh Choksi is feeling the heat of Karishma cheating on him for Upen Patel.

Rushabh Choksi, who runs a nightclub in Mumbai lashes out on Karishma for getting cozy with Upen on national television and accepting his marriage proposal.

In the recent episode, it is witnessed that Karishma and Upen locked lips and when Upen proposed her with a ring, she readily accepted. Karishma’s boyfriend Rushabh Choksi is highly disgusted seeing his ladylove falling for Upen without thinking about their relationship. He tweeted Karishma’s move as 'outright disgusting and tacky' and thanked everyone for the support they are showing towards him.

Previously, Rushabh Choksi called Karishma only a good friend but refused to speak anything about her but when things went out of the boundary, he breaks his silence and expressed his feelings on social media.

Here’s what he tweeted:-

I think it's time to speak .... #BB8

Upen you can have her. I'll get a new and better one lol #BB8 #WeAreWithGautam

All relationships go through a test a bad phase and shit bt der is way to go about things. What KT is doing is disgusting & out right tacky

His tweets earned him a lot of support on the social media from all corners, especially from Gautam Gulati fans. To which Rushabh tweeted.

It's very comforting 2 see the way u guys are supporting me. I thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. Loads of love #KTisHistory