Karishma’s husband moves to court for extortion case

Karishma Kapoor’s husband Sanjay Kapoor records his statement in a Delhi court regarding the email demanding Rs 50 crore that he has received four years back when his married life with Karishma Kapoor was not going steady.

"I received an email on August 25, 2005, in which a demand of Rs 50 crore was made from me. The email also asked me not to harass my wife Karishma with whom I was having litigation at that time," Sanjay Kapur said.

Sanjay informed the police when he had received the mail then. "The email had also warned me against troubling or harassing my wife Karishma and the daughter", he said.

Sanjay did not fulfill the demand of the unknown sender and also verified his signature on the complaint that he had lodged four years back. Kapur admits that he had received the mail when he was having marital lawsuit with his wife. 

Sanjay said that he does not know Sarvesh Tiwari whose cyber café has been used to send the email. Sanjay at the same time denied sending the mail to generate pressure on his wife.

Today, Sanjay had settled differences with wife Karishma and leading a blissful life.