Karishma Kapoor’s immunity mantra

Karishma KapoorIt’s a tea-time for Lolo. Though Karishma Kapoor was out of the filmdom for quite sometime but the actress managed to remain in the media for some reason or the other. Recently, she was caught campaigning for the immunity tea in Mumbai. She is seen addressing to the Mumbai resident how to remain fit and fine. She feels that if one’s resistance power is high then he or she should not hesitate to eat and drink anything.

Through Karishma is not addicted to tea but she finds that it can refreshes one’s body and mind. Listen what Karishma said when she was asked about the secret of her fitness,” I eat every thing and I am not choosy—that is the secret of my health. If our immunity is strong then we won’t fall ill or suffer stress”. 
For quite sometime the actress is out of the silver screen and her fans are eagerly waiting for her comeback. Speculation was that she would make her comeback with Govinda starred movie but she did not draw any light on that issue. On being asked about her return, she said “A lot of offers are in my way but the day I feel I can leave my husband, child back home I will surely pick up one good script and come back to studio. Presently, Lolo is playing the role of a busy mother and a dutiful wife.