Kareena's pregnancy diet: ‘I’ve been craving karela’

Kareena Kapoor, one of the most stylish and sought-after actress of Bollywood, is on the road to motherhood for the first time. The six-months-pregnant actress recently got candid about her enriching experience and all things associated to her diet and pregnancy.

In a live chat with nutrition and wellness expert Rujuta Diwekar, Kareena shattered the age-old myth that one should eat more just because she is carrying a baby inside her.

"I think everybody has been thinking that I am overeating these days, which I am not. It is not important for you eat more just because you are pregnant and carrying another person inside you,” she said, adding, “I firmly believe that one needs to carry on doing what she has been doing before getting pregnant, just stick to your normal routine.”

She also revealed about her pregnancy food cravings and said she has come to like ‘karela’ (bitter gourd) ever since she got pregnant. "I’m constantly craving a lot of karela, which is quite… very different. I really like the taste, I enjoy the taste. Many say that when you add a bit of sugar its bitterness kind of goes away but I don't like that. I like the fact that it has a sort of bitter, pungent taste to it. It is extremely rich in iron and has all kinds of benefits," she revealed.

The ‘Ki & Ka’ actress shared about her everyday diet and said that she loves all kinds of vegetables. “In fact, I had ‘lauki matar’ for lunch (bottle gourd and peas),” she said.

Kareena also confessed about her love for Indian desserts and said she is craving for homemade sweets like ‘sooji ka peda’ and ‘besan ka laddoo’, but tries to keep it healthy.

The actress, however, admitted the fact that there are dietary restrictions while you are pregnant. "You need to watch out what you are consuming, eating everything doesn't mean that you have the liberty to have anything at any random hour you wish for. Packed foods should be avoided as they have preservatives and so many things added to them," Kareena explained.

The one-hour-long conversation has been released on Rujuta’s official Facebook page. The video is the first in the series of three online talks on food, fitness and pregnancy.