Kareena to ape Preity Zinta in ‘Heroine’ by wearing a burqa

Madhur Bhandarkar is someone who likes to take real-life incidents into account. He has done so with his new movie ‘Heroine’ too. The inspiration this time is actress Preity Zinta.

Preity had a peculiar habit of visiting cinema theaters clad in a burqa. She had done it to escape the media and public’s attention. She was once seen in a movie theater watching Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Chak De India’ wearing a burqa.

Kareena the protagonist in Bhandarkar film is set to do a similar act.  A source close to the movie said, “Madhur (Bhandarkar) came to know about this and decided to portray it in his film.” Bhandarkar found it to be a unique practice. Kareena is playing the role of a leading heroine in the movie.  Madhur feels the scene would be apt for her character.

Most of Bhandarkar’s movies are inspired from real life incidents.  Be it, ‘Page3’, ‘Satta’, ‘Chandini bar’, ‘Traffic Signal’, ‘Corporate’ or ‘Fashion’. All of them portrayed real life incidents.

Madhur is clear in his approach .Once after the release of ‘Corporate ’ Bhandarkar had said in an interview , “When I decided to make a film on the workings of the business world I had to make it as authentic as the world of politics in "Satta", the socialites' parties in "Page 3" and the beer bars in "Chandini Bar". I can't fake it. I didn't want my business world to look filmy. If I did, I'd call it "Dhande Ke Saudagar" or something.”

He had further said, “If I make a film on the film trade, I have to use trade language or else I'll end up making a filmy film on the film world. I was willing to take the audience into confidence. Audiences are already connected to the theme... which is everyone gets used in one way or another.”

The dialogues of Heroine too have a reference to real-life happenings. In an interview with the reporters in the movie, Kareena takes a dig at the media and says, “Aap media waalon ko film scripts likhnee chahiye. Heroine ne gadi lee toh businessman ne gift kar di, diamond khareeda toh engagement ho gayi, hospital gayi checkup ke liye toh abortion ho gaya, LA gayi toh plastic surgery karva lee, or God forbid Dubai gayi toh uska rate card bann jata hai.” 

The movie ran into rough weather for this dialogue in Dubai. As it showed people in UAE in bad light. It has been decided to remove the word Dubai during its screening in UAE.