Kareena thrilled to become maasi again

Kareena Kapoor is over the moon as her sister Karisma Kapoor gave birth to a baby boy. Bebo is thrilled to become maasi again and happy to experience the same feeling when her niece Samaira was born.

On becoming aunty again, an ecstatic Kareena said, "I am thrilled to become a maasi again! I have just come back from the hospital. Lolo and the baby are healthy and fine. We are having a huge family get-together. Mom, dad, Samaira, Sanjay (Lolo`s husband), Saif and I are having a lovely family time together."

"We haven`t named the baby as yet but will do so in a couple of days. I have also thought of a name for him. We are all over the moon with the baby and so is Samaira. Last night we had an intimate family dinner to celebrate the baby`s arrival," added Kareena.

Overjoyed Kareena postponed all her shoots to be on the side of her sister and nephew, "Yes I have! Nothing - not even work can come between my babies and me! I love babies and I just can`t wait to hold Lolo`s baby in my arms and play with him. When Lolo is busy with the baby, Mom (Babita) and I will take turns to baby sit Samaira."

So what the actress will be doing during the break? "I am looking forward to this break with great pleasure! I have already shopped for the baby`s clothes and toys and looking forward to giving them to him. This break is also a great way of my entire family coming together and bonding in a big way,", Kareena quips.