Kareena speaks in Saif's defense

Supporting beau Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor who was present at the restaurant on Wednesday night with three others said that Saif was provoked adding that Iqbal Sharma is a publicity hungry man.

Throwing a light on the incident, Bebo said that when they were having dinner at the restaurant, Sharma came and shouted at them at the top of his voice. She said that they were politely having dinner and there was no any chaos at that moment. Kareena Kapoor’ statement contradicts Sharma who said that Saif and his four friends were shouting and creating ruckus.

The actress added that it was Iqbal who pushed Saif first. When Saif was hit, he counter back in his defense and situation turned worse. Bebo said that Saif was targeted as he is a celebrity. Though Kareena fully came in support of Saif, an eyewitness said that it was Saif who punched Sharma first.

FIR was lodged against the actor and following which Saif was arrested but he was later released on bail.