Kareena speaks about Saif's ex-wife

Kareena is not in the favor of embarking into a new life by dumping all the past relationships. She wants Saif to maintain a friendly relationship with his ex-wife Amrita Singh throughout. Though she has not met Amrita personally, Bebo holds a high esteem for her and has been a great admirer of her films from her very childhood days.

Speaking in an interview, she opens her hearts about Amrita, when she was asked if she discussed past relationship, she exclaimed, "Not really. I respect the fact that Saif was married before and has two lovely children. I have been a fan of Amrita Singh. I haven't met her ever but I know her through her films. For me, she'll always have a place of importance in his life because she is Saif Ali Khan's first wife and the mother of his children. And, I've told Saif this. I would want her to have that kind of respect always. This is what my parents have taught me. At the end of the day, it was just a marriage that didn't work out. I have always encouraged Saif to be friends with her because I think that would be great. I guess they will just need time but that's something that they would need to deal with. I will always respect her. As far as any other relationship of Saif is concerned, I don't think they really mattered."

Kareena values every relationship as they are very precious and closely connected to one's nerve.