Kareena scared to go underwater

Ravishing Kareena Kapoor turned cold when she had to perform underwater stunt for Kambakth Ishq. She took so long to win over her fear that she delayed the shooting for six hours. Bebo was so frightened to go underwater that she kept on taking out her feet everytime she stepped in water. But at the end, she got the scene right.

A source from the unit, who was present at the shoot, said, "A part of this scene had been shot in Italy. Since the remaining part didn’t require the backdrop of Italy, the director, Sabir Khan, decided to shoot it in India."

When things were not getting in place, Sabir without any choice reduced the volume of water in the pool. Our source added, "After the water was flushed out from the pool, Akshay and the foreign technicians working on the film, actually explained to Kareena how to do the scene. After that, she sailed through the shoot."

What prevented Kareena from getting into the pool in the first place, since she knows how to swim? A friend of Kareena clarified, "It was just that Kareena was very unwell on Sunday but being the professional that she is, she reported for the shoot."

Confirming the incident, Kareena replied, "I would go out of my way for my film and my role. It was tough as I felt very claustrophobic underwater. But we achieved the shot eventually. We had some great scuba trainers with us."