Kareena, Salman strongly condemns Delhi rape case

The Delhi rape case on Sunday night has shook the nation. Question has been raised regarding the safety of women in India and about the administrative system. Kareena Kapoor raised question regarding the judicial system of the country. She expressed her anger and disliking about the delay in justice in such vital crime in our country.

Talking in context to the gang rape of a 23-year-old girl in the capital, Kareena said, "When a incident like this happens we give statements as to what all should be done. But one can't ignore the fact that the justice in our country takes too long. We really need to reassess our laws so that justice happens faster".

The 32-year-old demands speedy investigation of the rape case and truly objected the notion that women should not go out at night. "I read today that there are 40 impending cases of rape, where victims are still awaiting justice. By saying that a woman should not go out at night should not be a solution to this problem. Being a modern woman, I don't support such statements. And being a modern woman, I like to party late.

"This is really a matter of shame that such incidents are happening in metropolitan cities. There are many such cases in the interiors of our country which don't come to our knowledge," she added.

The para-medical student on Sunday night was gang raped in a bus boarded by her and her boyfriend after watching a movie.

Not only Kareena but Salman Khan also termed the rape case as a big ‘shame’ for our country and said that the criminals should be taught a lesson.

"The first thought which comes to the mind is – such people should be killed - but there are too many things which we have to follow. It is a shame that such a thing has happened, how can somebody commit such a heinous crime.

"If not death they should be sentenced for life so that they learn a lesson. Rapists are beaten up in jails also," said Salman, during a press conference to promote his upcoming movie "Dabangg 2".

However, defending the police, the actor said, "I think citizens should be more responsible, with only the efforts of our police this cannot be solved. We cannot have one cop sitting in every bus. People have to stand up against what's wrong and voice their opinion.”