Kareena puts on weight

It's a bad news for those who wanted Kareena Kapoor to stick to her size zero forever as Bebo has put on some weight for her new films which are lined up for release. Her Tashan figure has just gone away and now the actress as per the requisite of her upcoming films added some fat. 

"I weigh 54 kg now, which for a girl of my height is quite fine. People used to wonder what 'size zero' is and I'd joke, 'Just look at me'. I don't want that any more. I want to look like a normal healthy girl. My forthcoming releases required me to get back to a fuller shape," said Kareena.

Speaking in length about her physique, Bebo further said, "In Kambakht Ishq, my character flies to Italy to become a supermodel to support herself financially. I didn't want to play the character looking like an international model because she's basically in another profession. So she can't really have the figure of Victoria Beckham, can she? I had to look more filled up."

In Mr & Mrs Khanna too Kareena increases her body as she is playing a housewife in the movie.