Kareena not opting out of ‘Veera Di Wedding’, Rhea Kapoor

Producer Rhea Kapoor completely refuted the rumour that Kareena Kapoor is walking out of ‘Veera Di Wedding’ due to pregnancy related issues. She confirmed that Kareena is very much doing the film and they will start the film shooting in October.

She also confirmed doing a photo-shoot with preggers Kareena for ‘Veera Di Wedding’.

Talking to SpotboyE.com, Rhea said, "This rumour needs to stop as it is simply preposterous. Kareena is not only shooting with us in October but also doing a photo-shoot for the film. She is extremely excited about the film and has not told me anything about wanting to opt out from it."

Added Rhea, "We were supposed to start a schedule sometime back, but like every film there is a minor delay in Veere Di Wedding.  It is stupid to blame a pregnant woman for that. After her first stint in October, we will shoot with Kareena in Thailand sometime in March."

‘Veera Di Wedding’ also features Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar apart from Kareena.

"We are going all out on Veere Di Wedding. As a girl, I wanted to make this film since the longest time. We girls move out with other girls and some of them are very close to us, this project will mirror all that. So obviously, I am including many nuances from the real lives of myself, my friends and my sister," Rhea signed off. 

When Kareena was quizzed about the same yesterday at Bblunt event, she too put an end to the speculation, saying, “We are going to shoot Veere Di Wedding for a couple of days in October. Then I will pick up the film post delivery. I am definitely doing the film. We are working on how and when we can shoot.”