Kareena meets Saif's parents

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena KapoorSaif’s parents had already accepted Kareena as their daughter-in-law. She had impressed them in their first meeting as such. Recently, Kareena again got to interact with them on the set of Saif’s first home production. Kareena gelled with Saif’s parents like her own. It seemed that her love and respect for them is unconditional and selfless. She welcomed them warm-heartedly and remained connected with them as long as they stayed on the set. 

Pataudi and Sharmila also spoke to her like their family members. Through their gesture, it was quite evident that they had accepted Kareena from the core of their heart. When contacted Saif who is in London, said, "It’s true that my parents met Kareena in London and they got along like a house on fire. My parents adore her irrespective of her achievements as an actress." The duo had received approval from Saif’s parents and they are looking forward to get consent from Kareena’s parents.