Kareena leaks Ranbir-Katrina dating, calls Kat sister-in-law

Kareena Kapoor has confirmed that her cousin brother and actor Ranbir Kapoor is dating Katrina Kaif and marriage can happen at anytime. She even added that she is getting ready with her dance performance at the wedding. As Bebo was mouthing all those secrets, Ranbir who was seated next to Kareena was blushing and looked bit uncomfortable. Kareena also mentioned Kat as her sister-in-law on the chat show, 'Koffee With Karan'.

Ranbir has been hiding her relationship with Kat but Kareena divulged all, "At your wedding, I will be doing a solo dance .. pakka on 'Chikni Chameli' and 'Sheila Ki Jawani'. Hearing this the Kapoor lad looks helpless and doesn’t know how to react.

When Karan asked Kareena if she is asked to have a gay encounter, who would she pick? Kareena quickly responded with a sweet smile on her face, "I will be more comfortable with my sister-in-law, so I will say Katrina Kaif."

Another clip shows Kareena Kapoor asking Ranbir, "Are you in love with Katrina?" To which he responds, "I love Kareena." But before Karan can carry on with the show, Kareena says, "Just add a 'T' to it," making her brother Ranbir go red.

While chatting with Karan over Koffee,  Kareena Kapoor Khan will also tease her brother Ranbir Kapoor about Katrina Kaif and will revealed that she has got her lehenga ready for Ranbir, Katrina’s marriage.

“Ranbir and Bebo are very comfortable with one another. The two might not meet each other on a daily basis but they share a wonderful vibe. In fact, that’s the reason I wanted them together on the show because people don’t know that they share a terrific equation,” Karan had told Hindustan Times earlier.

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