Kareena lashes out at pregnancy rumours

Kareena fuelled pregnancy rumours when she was spotted in a cream and golden saree at a recent event. It partially covered the belly and gave the impression of a wee baby bump. In the photographs, Kareena looked slightly plumper than she normally looks and the glow on her face suggested the rumour. It is known that actresses usually get a bit plump when they are not shooting, especially due to the break and relaxation. Therefore, one can guess the same for Bebo as she has been taking a break from shooting since the last few months. So what did Kareena have to say on this?

‘This is completely rubbish! This is a very sensitive topic and people should learn to give us some privacy on such matters. In fact, people in the fashion world have been telling me that I have never looked hotter or more stunning. Saif and I have maintained that we have no interest in having a child for the next five years! We already have two children (Saif’s children Sarah and Ebrahim from his previous marriage) and we are very happy. Why do people keep asking us the same thing? It’s become so boring now! I wore an Anand Kabra sari and people loved my look.’

On this, she was asked about her absence lately during events and award functions, which also led to people speculating about pregnancy. To this, she sounded visibly annoyed as she said, ‘But why would I go to for an award event where I am not performing? I have not gone for certain award events for the last couple of years. Besides, every knows that actors attend events only when they get paid to perform. I di perform at the producers guild award event. I couldn’t perform earlier this yar because I was holidaying with Saif in Staadt. Right now, I am really happy in my life and have no interest in being a mother. Saif and I are a modern couple and have said it clearly at every platform.’

Putting an end to all the rumours, Kareena said people will stop speculating about her body and pregnancy when she starts shooting for ‘Singham 2’ which starts in March. On this, she said, ‘Right now I think my body looks just perfect – voluptuous and sexy! And with my current workout and diet regime, it’s going to get more toned and hotter! I am looking forward to doing more films this year.’