Kareena Kapoor will play a loud Punjabi woman

Kareena Kapoor finally seems to be putting an end to her days of leisure at home and seems to have jumped right back into the industry with several good films on hand.After receiving rave reviews for her performance in Omkara and getting awards for her role in the film,Kareena has definitely decided to become choosy.Kareena now has three films for this year,Mani Ratnam's Lajjo opposite Aamir Khan,a Yash Raj film and Imtiaz Ali's film with beau Shahid Kapur.Kareena is currently shooting for Imtiaz Ali's film with Shahid in Pataiala and is also happy that she is getting to spend time with Shahid both off-screen and on-screen.
Apart from working with beau Shahid,Kareena is also excited about her role in the film as she plays a loud Punjabi woman for the first time.Kareena feels that her role in Imtiaz's film will be a refreshing change as in her last few films she played quite but strong characters.Kareena says "We'll be shooting in Pataiala.I've never visited that city before,also I play this really loud Punjabi woman which i haven't done before.Shahid plays a quiet character." Kareena is also very excited to do Mani Ratnam's film Lajjo as she will be working with both a talented director as well as a talented co-star Aamir.The film will begin towards the latter part of the year.Kareena will play a rustic,rural character in the film and hence will have that kind of look too.Kareena has recently been working out a great deal during her free time when she took a break from films and she looks and feels absolutely great.Kareena won't mind shedding her glamourous look for a rustic one in the film as she feels it requires talent to carry off a rustic non glamourous look. But Kareena will have a glamorous look once again for her Yash Raj film and hence she is not bothered.

Kareena received the Filmfare award for her role in Omkara and she was extremely happy to get the award.Unfortunately though Kareena had to cut short her trip with beau Shahis for his birthday celebrations as she wanted to be here in time to collect her award.Finally Kareena hopes that Vishal Bharadwaj will cast her in his film again so that she can collect several more awards.gain for her Yash Raj film and hence she is not bothered.