Kareena Kapoor upset with Imtiaz for choosing Deepika

Imtiaz Ali's recent film Jab We Met which starred ex-couple Kareena and Shahid was a hit. Naturally many producers were then keen to have Imtiaz direct their films. In fact both Shahid and Kareena were recommending the director to one and all in the film industry. Kareena too recommended Imtiaz Ali to boyfriend Saif Ali Khan who will be producing his first film. Saif offered Imtiaz to direct a film for his home production and the latter accepted. However Imtiaz has upset both Saif and Kareena by not casting Kareena and instead insisting on Deepika as his leading lady.
Imtiaz Ali will be directing Saif Ali Khan's first home production and naturally Saif was keen to have girlfriend Kareena opposite him in the film. However Imtiaz felt that the role did not suit Kareena and hence insisted on casting Deepika Padukone for the female lead in the film. Obviously Kareena who has delivered a hit with Imtiaz is very upset and hurt that she has not been cast in the film. In fact Saif who will be producing the film and director Imtiaz Ali had heated arguments about the casting for the leading lady, but ultimately Saif had no choice but to give in to his director's demands. Saif too was keen to cast ladylove Kareena opposite him in his first home production but was thoroughly disappointed when things did not work out.

However director Imtiaz feels that he has made the right decision in not casting Kareena but opting for Deepika instead. Imtiaz maintains " It’s very simple, Deepika suits the role. Kareena who is my absolute favourite, does not. Fortunately or unfortunately, my fondness for an actor is not the criteria for casting. I cannot cast Kareena wrongly." Nonetheless Imtiaz who has delivered a hit with Kareena in Jab We Met claims that he is keen to work with her in the future on another film.