Kareena Kapoor reveals the secret of her married life

Kareena Kapoor is now Kareena Kapoor Khan and her glowing cheeks spell that. She looks happy in her personal space, post marriage and is also content professionally with offers pouring down from all angles. Marriage has not set any changes in the career, for the Begum of Pataudi and we can see why so.

When asked about her plans about her career and its importance after marriage she said “Of course, I'm an actor and the movies are my life. Directors know that I'm a professional; and as long as I look good and perform well, everything else is unimportant. I have an interesting line-up. Dabangg 2 where I have done an item number is massy, Satyagraha is interesting because I'm working for the first time with Prakash Jha. Unlike many of his leading ladies, I'm not dressed in khadi salwar kurtas. For the first time, Prakashji's heroine will be in modern clothes.”

Marriage takes a toll on many actresses life after their wedding, but for Kareena things have not changed much and she has been handling both the facets of her life just the same way she had been doing before marriage. She said emphasizing this “Whether I'm in love or committed, that doesn't interfere with my career. Saif and I have maintained that for five years and it continues to stay that way. Ultimately, it is talent that counts.”

Speaking about Saif, Mahesh Bhatt had said 'You are a lucky girl to have a liberated man like Saif as your husband' and Kareena Kapoor Khan could not have agreed to this more. She restating his statement added “I think Bhatt saab is a very liberated man himself. And I'm kicked about the fact that he said this about Saif…..God has been very kind to me. I am lucky to have found this man who is so modern, so liberated. He's much more intelligent than me. I like the fact that he is so well read and that I can count on him for everything.”

Talking about her honeymoon she dodged the question and vaguely answered about her liking towards travelling abroad as that gives her time to spend with Saif ‘walking around without being disturbed’.

Also on being labeled the Begum of Pataudi she said “I've no clue if these titles are recognised anymore. I'm just happy and proud to be a part of a heritage. I also realize that there is a huge responsibility that comes with it. I'm honored to be a part of the Pataudis……Also, as far as I'm concerned, the Begum of Pataudi will always be my mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore. I love her and hers is the picture I have in my mind and heart when someone says, the Begum of Pataudi.”