Kareena Kapoor mobbed in Dubai

Bollywood stars have a huge fan following in Dubai. Fans have always gathered in phenomenal number to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. Kareena also, could not escape from her fans.

Recently, Kareena went to Dubai, along with the co-star of her upcoming movie, ‘Satyagraha’. Ajay Devgn and Kareena went over a promotional campaign for their upcoming movie. Both took a promotional tour of the city and met thousands of fans.

Then, Kareena and Ajay went to inaugurate a jewellery store in Dubai. Thousands of fans mobbed them, making it difficult for them to move ahead. The fans jostled with each other to get a glimpse of the glamorous actress. There was a stampede kind of situation.

Inside the jewellery store, the actors could not find a place to stand properly. Apart from huge gathering of fans, there was an equally huge battalion of photographers waiting to capture every single move of the diva.

In some time, the situation became worse and finally a policeman came to the rescue of the actors. He escorted them to their car. But there also, a long queue of fans was waiting to either have a click with the actors or to shake a hand with them.  

Finally, the actors could find their way out.

‘Satyagraha’ is an upcoming Bollywood movie starring Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Rao and manoj Bajpai. The movie is directed by Prakash Jha and is produced jointly by Prakash jha, Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur. The music of the movie is given by duo Salim–Sulaiman and Indian Ocean. A few tracks are also composed by Aadesh Shrivastava. One track is composed by Meet Brothers. The movie is a political thriller and shows the uprising of common man against a corrupt system.

Kareena Kapoor plays the role of a journalist in this movie. She is a hard core correspondent and reporter who digs into any story. She is also playing the love interest of Ajay Devgn. Kareena Kapoor has been paired with Ajay Devgn in a number of movies. Audience has liked their on screen chemistry.

Major part of the shooting has taken place at Benazir palace in Bhopal. An activist group earlier objected to shooting at this location as the location is registered as a historic location.

With a huge budget of Rs 750 million, the movie will release on 30th August.