Kareena Kapoor Khan to deliver her baby on December 15

Here’s another scoop added to the pack of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy rumour. According to the latest buzz, Kareena will deliver her baby on December 15, adding more to Kareena’s pregnancy, it is also heard that the diva will undergo C-section.

It is just another grapevine added to the Kareena’s pregnancy news. Earlier, Saif Ali Khan had to issue a statement to clarify that neither they had undergone sex determination test in London nor the baby already came into this world.

Saif Ali Khan has also to clarify the air that that they will not name their baby ‘Saifeena’ or the child will be born in London.

Saif issued a statement clarifying all those floated news, “I want to let everyone know that we have not yet had our child and we still don’t know the sex of the child. We will not be having our child in London and the name of the child will definitely not be called Saifeena.”

Pregnancy is not at all a hindrance for Kareena in the way to lead a normal life. Everyone witnessed that she has been very active during her pregnancy phase, partying with friends, attending events, attending functions etc.

On looking at Kareena’s work phase, concerned hubby asked his pregnant wife to go slow on work front.

Says a source, “Kareena is quite a workaholic and doesn’t like sitting idle. Saif understands that Kareena is fiercely independent and responsible about completing her professional assignments. However, he doesn’t want her to over-exert herself in the process and has requested her to take it slow and cut down on public appearances.”

Well, the fans Saif and Kareena across the globe are eagerly waiting for the baby’s arrival and if not Dec 15 only counted days are left for the Saifeena’s baby to arrive.