Kareena Kapoor is India’s most beautiful woman

Kareena Kapoor has added one more feather on her hat. She has been voted India’s most beautiful woman by People magazine. Kareena Kapoor performs yoga regularly and says that exercise and non-veg is the secret of her beauty. Kareena has also earned immense popularity for her size zero. She works out regularly and lives on healthy diet.

Not only in the field of beauty, she has also scored higher in delivering successful films. Though her last two films ‘Kambaqt Ishq’ and ‘Kurbaan’ could not earn her much credit but she is not running short of quality films. She is presently working on Karan Johar’s Hollywood remake ‘Stepmom’ and for the second time sharing screen space with versatile Kajol. Another promising project in her hand is Mani Ratnam’s ‘Lajjo’ opposite Aamir Khan.

Kareena says that apart from exercise, another reasons for her sparking beauty is peace of mind as her career is shining bright and she is having a stable relationship with Saif Ali Khan.

Truly, Kareena is one of the biggest stars of the industry.