Kareena Kapoor endorses an ice cream brand

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for her vivacious beauty and acting talent. She has a number of brand endorsements to her credit. Now, she has added another prestigious name to her list of brand endorsements. This is the world famous Magnum ice cream brand which has now become available in India. The chocolate on a stick of the Magnum brand is justly famous all over the world for its flavor. It is now possible to buy this chocolate in India and taste the famous brand even at home. this is a product of Unilever which will soon become available throughout the goods outlets of the country. They have been priced at Rs. 85 per bar. The brand is a personal favorite of Kareena’s and she is happy to be endorsing the brand.

The brand endorsement got off to a great start with Kareena as the star of the show. The launch was held at Bungalow 9, Mumbai on Saturday. The actress looked gorgeous in her grey dress. in her launch address, she said, “It’s quite a special moment and an extra sweet moment for me because, ever since I was 16, I have always been wanting to and whenever I was in Europe or any international country I was like I have to have Magnum classic and I can’t leave without having that and today to stand in front and be a pleasure ambassador and the face of Magnum here in India, I think is a big moment for me and the sweetest moment of my life this month, more than Valentine's Day. 

The actress continued, “I am a true Magnum loyalist. My international vacations are never complete without indulging in a bar of the ice-cream. It’s made from pure Belgian chocolate and that, for me, is the ultimate pleasure. I’m excited that it will now be available in India.” Kareena seems to have a real sweet tooth – something nobody surely suspected from her svelte figure.

This is the 25th brand endorsement for Kareena. She said, I look for what the brand has and what it thinks of passing to consumers, message etc. I am like any other normal girl...it(ice cream) brings happiness to me." By endorsing Magnum, she has joined the ranks of distinguished artists like Eva Longoria, Eva Mendez and Liv Tyler. Happy with this development, she commented, "It is great to join them... They are brilliant artists."