Kareena and Saif not ready to have a kid yet

Recently Kareena Kapoor Khan was asked by journalists about her plans on having a baby. Being one of the top and successful actresses of Bollywood, Kareena is not interested to have a baby now as she is yet to reach the zenith of her career. Recently Kareena has expressed her thought on planning a new family. She has said that “A woman does not only need to produce babies,”. The 32 years old actress has a handful of upcoming movies in her kitty like, Prakash jha’s ‘Satyaghaha’, ‘Gori tere pyar main’ with co-star Imran Khan and an untitled film with Imran Hashmi.

Just like many other cine stars Kareena Kapoor also wants to keep her personal life and happenings absolutely personal. She has expressed her thought on starting a new family as a (self acclaimed) representative of the league of newly married couples. She said that as a modern day couple, Kareena and hubby Saif are not yet ready to have a kid at this point as they are madly in love with each other and enjoying their selves so much. Both the stars are on the acme of their career maintaining busy schedule. They need to achieve much more in life and in that regard they are often staying away from each other, she said.

We think Kareena Kapoor is feeling insecure as she can see celebrated stars like Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit and Shilpa Shetty have faded away from film industry after having kids. She also angrily conveys “Earlier, everyone would ask me about my marriage plans. Now that I am married, all people want to know is when I am going to have a baby!”

It is true that the media is too interested in her personal life, but that is only because she is such a popular celebrity. Once a journalist asked Shahid Kapoor “how many times do you brush Shahid?” This is certainly not expected from a true dutiful journalist.

But it is also true that if the media stopped taking interest in the life of the Bollywood stars, will they still remain a celebrity? It is a point to give a thought. However crossing the limit is never tolerable. Certainly women are not the factories to produce babies but it is only a woman who can give birth to a star as well as a journalist.