Kareena Kapoor goes under the knife

If you compare Kareena Kapoor's past and present picture then you will find a vast difference. Her jaw no longer looks elongated and masculine as she has gone for ‘jaw job’. She has gone under the knife for getting more feminine looks. Her masculine jaw now looks oval in shape. There are many actresses in the industry who have opted for cosmetic surgery to enhance their look and now Kareena Kapoor has joined the bandwagon. 

She looks very softer and sensitive during the book launch of ‘3 Idiots’ and spotted with a new charming look during an event for a laptop brand that she endorses. The feminine look of Kareena Kapoor is sure to make a great difference in her outlook.

Bebo had one flaw in her beautiful face and now she has modified it too. The ‘jaw done’ will surely enhance her beauty.