Kareena discloses her new surname post marriage

The wedding bells are ringing for Saifeena. It is being said that the couple is planning to get married on October 17th this year.

However Bebo is quite adamant that she would like to keep the Kapoor in her name.  Why not? She belongs to a family which has been in the showbiz for generations. It started with her great grandfather Prithviraj Kapoor; then his grandfather, the legendary Raj Kapoor, her uncle Sammi Kapoor, Sashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and dad Randhir Kapoor. The Kapoor legacy has been carried forward in this generation by Karishma Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and herself.

Post marriage too she doesn’t want the superstar image of hers to fade away.  Speaking to a leading daily Kareena said, “Saif doesn't want me to change anything about myself, including my name, after marriage. Post marriage I will be Kareena Kapoor Khan. That means I have the privilege of having two of the most powerful surnames in Bollywood attached to my name.” With a twinkle in her eyes she further added, "My signature will have a triple K — KKK.”

Some had thought that she would change her name just like Sharmila Tagore, Saif’s mother. Sharmila is a Bengali Hindu. She had started her career with Satyajit Ray’s ‘Apur Sansar’. Later she moved to Bombay and had a successful career. During that time she met cricketer and Nawab of Bhopal, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi. In 1969 the two married and she converted to Islam and took the name of Ayesha Begum.

Kareena however seems happy with the Kapoor in her name. Saifeena want their marriage to be a private affair. The marriage ceremony will probably be help at the Pataudi Palace, Bhopal. It will be attended by only the family members of the couple. The two have been quite tight-lipped about the marriage. When the marriage was delayed this year, the media went berserk reporting about it. To that Kareena said that her marriage has become a national issue, ready to be debated in the Rajya Sabha.

Once during the promotion of ‘Heroine’ when she was asked about it she said, “Marriage will happen when it has to and when it does we will let the world know.” Well Kareena likes to be herself. We have always seen her as a nice, loyal and sensitive person. With her movies doing well, we wish her marriage and career to remain a roaring success as it is.