Kareena claims she is not anorexic

Kareena Kapoor is a typical Punjabi girl and loves food. The actress has also always had a healthy and curvaceous figure. However recently the actress decided to get fit and go for a svelte body type. Now the actress has lost oodles of weight and is looking extremely thin, this has prompted many within the industry as well as her fans to speculate that Kareena is anorexic. However the actress clearly states “I am far from anorexic. I have lost weight for my role in Tashan. I’ve been training to do some action scenes and hence the sudden weight loss.”
The actress wants to put an end to recent speculation about having several eating disorders etc. Kareena is extremely upset with recent rumours that she is anorexic; she says “Rumours that I have supposedly become anorexic have gone completely out of hand. I don’t want people to panic, it’s a bizarre rumour.” Kareena confirms that the huge weight loss is for a unique role in the film Tashan, but she claims that she has been having a healthy diet and working out regularly which is how she lost oodles of weight. On her diet Kareena says “I’m following a healthy diet and a regular workout regime and feeling great.” The actress claims that the secret to her losing weight is staying completely off junk food. “I’ve stopped eating junk food till Tashan gets over in November.” Kareena point blankly states that she would never starve herself and claims that actually she is a complete foodie like every true blue Kapoor in her family.

Kareena has been off some of her favourite foods like Chinese, junk food like sandwiches, noodles etc. However Kareena maintains that after the film is over in November she will gorge on junk food and get back to her healthy look, Kareena says “I promise that after the film is over, I will start eating everything. After Tashan, you will get to see a curvy Kareena once again.” Kareena’s dietician Roojuta helps her maintain a healthy diet chart and she also practises yoga, she says “I am doing lots of yoga to tone up my body.” Kareena says “I have lost five kilos and its all thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Nonetheless Kareena is miffed with rumours of her being anorexic and she claims that when she puts on weight she is labeled fat and when she loses weight she is called anorexic, so either ways people always have something to say about her. Kareena says “I have worked very hard in these last seven months to lose weight, so please don’t take away from it by calling me anorexic.”

Well so hopefully all the rumours of Kareena turning anorexic will be dispelled especially after November when the actress finishes her film and binges on all that junk food.