Karan Patel to shoot love-making scene in front of wife Ankita

‘Yeh Hai Mohabaatein’ will witness an intimate scene between the leading pair of the soap, Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi and it is learnt that Karan’s new bride Ankita will be present on the set to see the shooting. Only selected people will be present during filming of the intimate scene and actress Ankita Bhargava will be one among them. She is keen to watch the shooting of the scene.

The romantic sequence will be shot on Tuesday, and it will be aired on Thursday on Star Plus channel. 

"After hearing about the consummation scene from Karan, Ankita made it a point to be present for the same. We have ensured that there are very limited number of people on the sets, including the crew. The scene is a high point in the show, and only selected people are going to work on it," said a source close to the production house.

Divyanka has laid certain restriction in shooting the scene. According to sources, "Divyanka has put forth some conditions for shooting the scene. She has asked the production house that there should be minimal people on the sets and that the costumes for the scene should be of her choice. She wants the scene to look aesthetic and not vulgar in any way. In fact, she has said that she will shoot the scene only if her conditions are adhered to."

After this intimate scene, the makers are planning a generation leap sequence that will go on air by the end of this month or next month.

Recently, ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ completed 400 episodes and the team celebrated the success of the serial. "Whenever the whole family is together on the set we are one crazy gang. Then nobody can handle us. All of us gossip. Boys, girls, bade chote everyone chats and gossip. When it comes to scene then we all become professionals but other than that we go crazy," Deccan Chronicle quoted Divyanka as saying.