WhatsApp debate: Karan Patel slams Parth Samthaan

Television sensation Karan Patel and Parth Samthaan involved into Twitter fight over 'WhatsApp controversy'. Off late, the ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’ actor maligns his image after reports and leaked images of an alleged WhatsApp group created by him went vital.

After Niti Taylor lambasted Parth on the social network, next in the row to slam Parth Samthaan on Twitter is Karan Patel, the actor of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’. Karan Patel lashes out at Parth Samthaan in a series of tweet:-

"@LaghateParth ... If what i have heard is true abt a watsapp group, which i hope is not, but if true ... Then my friend ... You shall repent," he wrote and added, "@LaghateParth ... And trust me buddy any amount of bashing on social media will not change my mind ... U DO NOT DISRESPECT WOMEN .. Period."

He further wrote#o all who think my tweet is in favour of @LaghateParth ... IT IS NOT ... If what i have heard is true then he has no idea whats hit him .!

Parth is yet to reply to Karan's tweets but he had earlier said in his defense as how he has been framed.