Karan Johar spills the beans about losing virginity at 26

Noted filmmaker Karan Johar gets candid with NDTV and talks about virginity and sex. He talks extensively about losing his virginity at 26, post ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ fame.

Karan was feeling insecure earlier but post ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ success, he gained confidence, “Then I went through a phase where I just wasn't feeling attractive enough. I wasn't secure enough, I wasn't sure enough. By the time I lost my virginity, I was 26 and that was after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when I felt mildly famous. And so fame took the place of some of the shame. But again, since I didn't grow up in a sexually informed, involved or enlightened atmosphere, by the time 26 rolled around, there were all kinds of silly notions that had crept in my head like having the lights off”. Karan quips.

Karan too some extend blamed his upbringing for not having the feelings, he revealed, “My very shy Punjabi father never taught me about the birds and bees. So shy was he that he may have thought he would get arrested for even talking about it. Then there was my mother, brought up by prudish German nuns. She, of course allowed me to believe that her very best bundle of joy (me!) had been handed to her by the heavens. I had no siblings, no older brother to enlighten me. I grew up in a snooty neighbourhood and since I was also a shy kid, I never went out and met or made the kind of friends that could have at least told me this was something I needed to know about”.

Karan further said that porn movies doesn’t excite him, he went in to say, “In fact, I remember politely asking the person I was engaging with if we could "start the process"! I didn't like watching porn because I didn't find it sexy. I couldn't understand how others got excited watching other people having fun. Porn made me feel worse. It only reminded of my own, well, shortcomings”.

Karan said that he had many issues with himself, “There were so many issues I had with myself. I wasn't happy with my body, wasn't entirely comfortable in my own skin. And by the time I gained confidence, too much time had passed. With fame I stopped feeling I had to hide: lights didn't have to be all the way off, I felt I could flirt without being slapped. But it was hard work getting there from the fat kid I was - ashamed of his body, ashamed of who he was, largely sexually ignorant and convinced he wasn't attractive to anyone. Which is probably why the first time I had sex, all I could say was "thank you"! I felt gratitude not sexiness - thank you for ticking one very belatedly off the bucket list”.