Karan Johar slammed for insulting Mohammed Rafi in ‘ADHM’

Karan Johar's just-released film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ has once again landed in a controversy, this time for ‘insulting’ legendary playback singer Mohammed Rafi. Apparently, there is a dialogue in the movie in which Anushka Sharma tells Ranbir Kapoor that "Mohammed Rafi gaate kaam, rote zyada the (Mohammed Rafi used to cry more than sing)."

This has greatly upset the late singer’s family, as well as other playback singers and Rafi fans. “This dialogue doesn’t take the movie forward or backwards and if that is the case, what was the need to include this dialogue? And while writing this dialogue, didn’t they realise who they were talking about?” the late singer’s son Shahid Rafi told The Indian Express.

He also severely criticised KJo for allowing the use of the dialogue in the film. “After watching this, I doubt if he (Karan) has got any sense about what he is doing. It’s an insult to my father. I am ashamed and didn’t expect this from Karan Johar. When his father Yash Joharji made ‘Dostana’ in 1980, my father sang songs in his film. I don’t know why he included the line in the film. Shayad shahurat sar zyada chad gaya hai (His success has gone to his head),” he added.

Speaking about his action plan, Shahid said, “I have received so many messages from fans asking me to take action. I will talk to Pahlajji (CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani). I know him very well. I will see what he suggests and accordingly take an action. This line could have been censored,” he stated.

Meanwhile, social media is flooded with criticisms against Karan Johar for including such a dialogue in the film. Singer Sonu Nigam, perhaps found it difficult to believe that the dialogue exists in ‘ADHM’, and tweeted, “Is it true that there is a dialogue in Ae dil hai mushkil that says Mohd Rafi gaate kum rote zyaada they?" The tweet was followed by a series of comments by fans, who replied in the affirmative and expressed strong discontent at it as well.

Veteran singer Mohammed Aziz, in a video post on Facebook, slammed KJo for “hurting” the sentiments of the fans of Mohammed Rafi.

Several fans also expressed their anger. One twitterati wrote, “Only an ignorant blind person will allow disrespect to an iconic singer like Mohammad Rafi in a film. No justification. Not watching #ADHM.”

Another tweet read, “Arrogance thy name is Karanjohar. Can any of modern singers sing like Mohammed Rafi Sb?”

“in ADHM they insulted the greatest singer of india Mohammad Rafi, so not going for it. #shame,” wrote one more user. “#ADHMReviews Controversy- There was a scene where Anushka disrespect Mohammed Rafi's singing. Script Writer should apologies,” a tweet read.