Karan Johar receives a marriage proposal

Bollywood ace filmmaker Karan Johar is awestruck when he received a marriage proposal from a lady from Uzbekistan. The lady expressed her heart felt desire to marry Karan in a very romantic manner. She sent Karan Johar a carpet with his image enbroided over it. Along with it, she also sent him a long love letter scripted with touching words. Karan was deeply touched with the action of the lady. He felt elated that someone loves him so immensely.

Karan never thought that he will get such a touching letter from someone so far away. He didn’t mouth any comment but a source from his production house quips, “Although Karan thought that it was nice of the fan to write some kind words, he couldn’t help but feel embarrasses by the contents of the letter.”

Karan who achieved mastery over love stories is excited to receive the touching love letter and did not know how to react.