Karan Johar on a candid roll about the Shahrukh Khan fixation

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The sniggers, the snides…well, he isn't deaf to those.
But he couldn't care less!
“I need him more that he will ever need me!”
“What is that people have against me working with my favorite actor?” asks an amused Karan Johar. The fact that he has gone on record saying that Dharma doesn't work without Shahrukh may have caused the tickle' we tell him
“But that is how I like it. My father Yash Johar used to think of Shahrukh as his son. He told Shahrukh that whatever Dharma does, he will be a part of it. I still remember the day at my father's funeral; Shahrukh was present at the venue, doing what? Helping the car traffic out of the place. That is the bond that I share with him”

“Shahrukh is great news to the economics of Dharma!”

This is for the cynics, if I were to look at the more commercial aspect too, he is perfect for Dharma. The moment I have Shahrukh Khan in my film, the price of my music soars & the price of my film both in the domestic market as well as overseas go through the roof! Shahrukh is great news to the economics of Dharma! Now explain which oaf on earth would want to throw of it all away? Certainly not me! When I have a personal access to him, I am going to use it to the best. Infact I believe I need him more than he will ever need me!

Amitabh, Aamir or Shahrukh? The best according to Karan is…

Another thing that KJ has a rub for is his regard for Shahrukh as the best actor in Bollywood. “I genuinely think Shahrukh is a wonderful actor” he says matter of fact. So does that displace Amitabh? we prod. “Nothing can displace Amitabh Bachchan. He is God!” Karan exclaims. If he were to place Amitabh on the number ladder, where would Bachchan be? “Mr.Bachchan is above numbers. Like I said, he is God! So the number slot begins with Shahrukh Khan. He is right at the top” Karan asserts.

“I never said Aamir is better than Shahrukh!”

What about his pet peeve, Kadz? “Oh, Kajol is fabulous. Among the heroines, she is undoubtedly the best. Kajol is brilliant at what she does, second to nobody. But that doesn't maker her better than Shahrukh. And you don't have to accuse me of playing favorites, check with Kajol, she herself admits that she has learnt a hell lot from Shahrukh!” Karan picks good defense. That leaves us with Aaamir Khan. Does this Khan rock according to Karan? “Oh, yes I think Aaamir is a tremendous actor, among the finest we have! He is one Khan I haven't worked with, would love to have him in one of my films. The final toss, Aamir or Shahrukh? “Shahrukh anyday, I said I haven't worked with Aamir, didn't say he was better than SRK”

KJ, the obsession if not well understood is well expressed!

Courtesy: India FM