Karan Johar denies signing Salman, Aamir for 300 crore

In the Bollywood industry, rumors and contradictory reports are a common thing. Often we hear information about developing projects which are later found out to be false. Then again sometimes the so called rumors are found to be correct.

Filmmakers and producers often rue these days that it has become very difficult to preserve surprises or secrets before the release of a film. Recently Karan Johar has been trying to keep details about his projects including ‘Shuddhi’ to himself. After speculations for months, it was finally revealed that Salman Khan would be doing the film. It would mark Karan Johar’s second association with Salman Khan, 16 years after ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. News also circulated that Salman has been paid an astonishing figure of Rs. 150 crore.

But it looks like apart from ‘Shuddhi’, Karan has other aces up his sleeve as well. The latest buzz is that Karan Johar has signed none other than ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan for a future project.  In recent years, Aamir and Karan Johar have become quite close. Karan is friends with Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao also. Sources claim that Karan has been offering Aamir several projects including ‘Shuddhi’. But now he has signed the superstar actor for his banner Dharma Productions.

The details of the project will be determined according to Aamir’s preferences. Rumors are also flying that Aamir has received a similar amount like Salman, that is Rs. 150 crore. A source from the industry claimed, "Karan has offered several projects to Aamir including the recent Shuddhi. Aamir declined them, but insisted he was keen to work with Dharma Productions. Karan finally invited Aamir to sign on with Dharma. The project would be finalized later according to Aamir's preference and comfort…The amount of money that Karan has agreed to pay Aamir for the privilege of having the exclusive actor in the Dharma roster could feed the famine-stricken children of Ethiopia for 20 years. "We don't know the exact figure. But it's close to Rs 150 crore."

However Karan Johar has refused to entertain such rumors. He took to the social networking site Twitter and posted, “Apparently I have paid 300 crores to 2 major super stars...yes!! If this is true then I am also looking for a job, a house, and a LIFE!!... Let's introduce a simple place to certain news reports ....it's called the TRUTH...easy to find but very few manage to get there.” Now the big question is what will be the reaction of Shahrukh Khan after seeing his onetime close friend getting closer to the rival Khans.