Salman Khan talks about Katrina Kaif on national TV

The much talked about show ‘Koffee with Karan’s’ host Karan Johar left the Dabangg Salman Khan tight-lipped with his witty questions! As expected, Karan did full justice to his role of being an interrogator. No one has been spared till date and no one can escape Karan’s ominous diction! 

The audience burst into laughter by looking at the reactions of Salman while trying to reply to the host and the gestures of Karan while he was throwing questions at the guest!

The fourth season of the show is about to go on air and its teaser has already hit the television screens where we have seen Salman sitting on the couch and facing Karan with an inexplicable look. Karan had been posting these non-stop questions to Salman, "How does it work while handling ex-flames?", "If you were forced to have a gay encounter at gunpoint, who would you want to be with?" and "What would you do if you got up one fine morning and realized that you were Katrina Kaif?" The last question was seen to be beyond Salman’s comprehension.

Infact, Salman was not able to figure out answers to any of these questions completely, and in a faltering tone he involuntarily remarked over Karan, "Kuch bhi bolta hai yaar yeh admi." But no use! Karan won’t halt till you relent!

Karan’s talent to cultivate simplistic thoughts into difficult net of questions is unnerving and can trap every celebrity in these cobwebs! This is a peculiar characteristic of the director turned chat show host Karan Johar. And that is what makes him do his job perfectly!

But Salman could clearly let the public know why he always avoided being on this show earlier. He said, "The kinds of questions you ask are too personal. I feel shy and very uncomfortable."

Oops! Is he the same Color’s show Big Boss’s host Salman Khan? He has the power to put anyone in an awkward position and he is being knocked off over here in just a couple of minutes! Salman should have stuck to his decision! Better luck next time!

We just hope that palpitation won’t jack up Salman’s forehead if Karan tends to expand the scope of his questionnaire in the full episode!  Stay tuned to the show to see what more Salman has to say, if he can dare to!