Karan doesn't take me in his films, Akshay

Akshay Kumar is looking forward to the release of his next installment of ‘Khiladi’, ‘Khiladi 786’. ‘Khiladi’ is a tag that is totally attached to Akshay. Twenty years gone and still people remember him as Khiladi Kumar but Akki is satisfied with the reorganization, when he was asked about the Khiladi title, he said, “Ya, why not? Khiladi is my identity, what's the harm in being remembered for it? With all due respect, it's the eighth film in the franchise and that itself speaks for the popularity of the title. Here I must share with you that 20 years ago, when Abbas-Mustan suggested the title Khiladi to producer Ratan Jain, he was not in favour of it. Those days, titles were long-winded and Ratan felt that a short title won't work. But Abbas and Mustan were stubborn.

(1992) worked and, after that, people started having single word titles like Baazigar (1993), etc. Ironically, Ratan, who didn't fancy the word khiladi, went on to produce the next Khiladi film called Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994). And, as they say, from then on, there has been no looking back”.

In the long tenure of his filmy career, Akshay Kumar has worked with several noted filmmakers but he did not till date got the opportunity to work with filmmaker Karan Johar. When Akshay was asked about not casting in Karan’s film, he replied, Karan doesn't take me in his films. He probably thinks I'm not good enough.

Akshay is in a happy space today. recently, he and Twinkle are blessed with a baby girl whom he named Nitara and he feels his family is complete now and said that his daughter brought luck for him. The birth of my daughter Nitara has made me happy and it has made my world complete. I have always believed that girls are 'Lady Luck' personified. When I married Twinkle, I got all the luck from her. My mother and my sister have given me luck. I am not their benefactor; they benefit me. My daughter has also brought me tremendous luck. OMG Oh My God! was a runaway hit and I owe it to my little one, Akki said.