Kapil Sharma, Kamaal R Khan’s twitter fight goes viral

Kamaal Rashid Khan popularly known as KRK has done it again what is he best known doing. He has yet again targeted a celebrity on twitter and this time he has chosen comedy king Kapil Sharma. Kapil and Kamaal heated exchange of words on twitter caught attention and it was all started by none other than KRK. Kapil Sharma who rose to fame with his comedy show, ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ responded back to Kamaal’s tweets.

It all started last night with Kamaal’s tweets where he indirectly humiliated Kapil, "Good night and kiss to real super stars n kick to comedian super stars."

Not getting any response, hungry for publicity KRK tweeted again in the morning (July 2): "Good morning and kiss to real lions n kick to jackass lions who become lions after drinking only."

"When YRF asked @NargisFakhri to do film with @KapilSharmaK9 She was laughing loudly n said sorry I don't have dates," he poked Kapil.

The tweet apparently irked the popular comedian, and he wrote: “@kamaalrkhan call me.. if u have guts..i will show u.. How to deal with a punjabi guy :)”

KRK reacted to his tweet with a laugh, tweeting: “Ppl pls don't mind his tweet coz he always become tiger after drinking. Nasha Utarne Ke Baad Fir Chuhaa Ban Jaata Hai”

Attention seeker Kamaal again tweeted: “Kapil Bhai I was really scared. Believe Me bhai I am shivering till now. Utni Piya Kar jitni control Kar sakta hai.

Kapil then decided to stop responding KRK tweets and posted his last tweets, "this is my last tweet to you... agar famous hona hai toh apne dum pe kuch kar... Dont use my name... Thappad bahut bhaari hai mera."

But KRK did not stop and continue to post abusive tweets but Kapil stop to respond. Later Kapil deleted all KRK’s tweets and his past posts.

Kamaal always crave for publicity. Recently, he was in the news when he posted a picture of him on flight tweeting leaving India with Shoaib Akhtar as Narendra Modi became the PM of India.