Kannada actor Huchcha Venkat attempts suicide by drinking phenyl

YouTube star, Huchcha Venkat, who is also popularly known as the ‘Ban Star’ tried to commit suicide by drinking phenyl at his farmhouse on Sunday 18th June.

It is learnt that Huchcha Venkat attempted suicide after he was rejected by his girlfriend Rachana’s parents. Huchcha Venkat, known for his strangeness and idiocy on screen had fallen in love with a Rachna, a co-contestant of the show ‘Super Jodi’. He wanted to take his relationship with Rachana to the next level and settle down with her but his marriage proposal was rejected by the girl’s parents and this led Huchcha Venkat to take this drastic step.

It was reported that Huchcha Venkat also sent an SMS message to the media himself, informing them about his attempted suicide.

However, Rachana vehemently denied about her affair with Huchcha Venkat. She  said that she was never in love with Huccha Venkat.

The latest about his health update is that Venkat is currently being treated in the hospital and it is heard that he is creating a ruckus in the hospital for his failed marriage and not co-operating with the doctors and nurses.

The 'Firing Star' debuted with Kannada film 'Mental Manja' in 2005. He married his live-in girlfriend Reshma, whom he met on the set of 'Swathanthra Palya'. Huccha Venkat married Reshma in 2006, but the couple got separated in 2010.

A couple of years ago, Huchcha Venkat had gone berserk on the media claiming that Ramya was his girlfriend and they love one another.