Ex-lover Adhyayan Suman reveals shocking facts about Kangana

Even as Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut are engaged in a murky legal spat, Kangana’s former boyfriend Adhyayan Suman made some startling revelations about the ‘Queen’ actress. In an interview with a leading daily, the son of veteran actor Shekhar Suman opened up his “abusive” relationship with Kangana. The duo dated each other during 2008 while shooting for ‘Raaz 2’.

Adhyayan claimed that Kangana tried to get close to Hrithik even when she was in a relationship with him. Recalling an event, he said, “During the shooting of ‘Kites’, she got friendly with Hrithik and his wife. Hrithik had invited Kangana for his birthday and he called me also. I brought flowers and an expensive champagne. We were sitting and talking when Hrithik walked in. She cut me abruptly, picked up my flowers and champagne and handed it to him saying, “Happy birthday! This is from me for you.” She didn’t even introduce me.”

He alleged that the actress used to abuse him mentally and physically and behaved eccentrically. She once made him shave off his hair for an award function, just because she felt he needed a new style. After accepting award, she thanked everyone, except him and the camera was on him. It was humiliating when she walked ahead of him and he followed her like a bodyguard.  

He revealed that once Kangana called him at her house in the night to do some puja. The room where the puja was held at midnight was covered in black and had statues of God, fire all around, and some scary things were kept for the purpose. He was terrified when she asked him to chant some mantras and locked him in.  

Adhyayan revealed, “Being a metropolitan kid studying in London and New York, I was always away from things like astrology and black magic. I remember going to my Tarot reader after she started making me doing pujas. She told me she sensed a woman from pahadi region doing black magic on me. I knew only one person back then, my girlfriend Kangana, who used to go to Himachal for certain pujas there. My Tarot reader said she saw something really bad happening and warned me to get out of the relationship.”

“My career stopped completely. I had a successful film ‘Raaz 2’ behind me but nobody wanted to talk about me. I started seeing this decline. My films were shutting down while she was achieving more success. Even talking about it scares me now...,” he added.

He said the Kangana was quite violent and had once slapped him hard and hurled expletives at him which made him on the verge of crying. “The physical violence had become so frequent in my relationship with her that if it had been any other guy he would have hit her back. But I couldn’t. Every time I was hit, I wanted to retaliate but my hands would just stop,” Adhyayan said.

He also said that the actress abused his father as well and recalled, “Hearing her abuse my father and still being by her side every night was something that shamed me. After we split, it took me five years to get over that guilt.”