Kangana, Upen upset about their voice dubbing in SLBB

Kangana Ranaut maybe only two films old, but all the appreciation and praise seem to have already gone to her head. Kangana has just done her first typical bollywood masala film where she will be playing a light role in Suneel Darshan’s Shakalaka Boom Boom. The film also stars Bobby Deol, Upen Patel and Celina Jaitley. However it seems like neither director Suneel Darshan nor his leading lady Kanagana are too happy with each other. Kangana is upset as her voice has been dubbed in the film and she thinks that the artiste who has probably dubbed for her is co-star Celina Jaitley. Kangana also supposedly didn’t get along too well with Celina on the sets; there were constant ego hassles and cat fights between them
Kangana maintains that she was unaware that Suneel Darshan was going to dub her voice till the end. However Suneel Darshan maintains “I certainly didn’t do anything underhand. I needed a particular twang and accent for Kananga’s character. If she had given the film the time and attention that it deserved we’d have worked on her character’s language. However Kangana didn’t think Shakalaka Boom Boom was important enough.” Kangana was also missing during the promotions for the film. Another actor who was also upset as his voice too was dubbed for the film was actor Upen Patel.

Saif Ali Khan coping well without smoking

Saif Ali Khan who has quit smoking after an artery blockage is coping quite well. He has given up smoking completely and rubbishes rumours of going back to smoking. The actor is now trying to lead an extremely healthy lifestyle. Saif says “Am I crazy to start after I’ve quit?” Saif however honestly admits that the first few weeks after quitting are pretty tough. He also had several withdrawl symptoms like shivering; shaking of the hand etc after quitting smoking, but nonetheless the actor is determined not to go back to smoking.

Saif claims that his real test will come when he is around friends who smoke or in a bar where everyone is smoking and he has to resist this temptation. However Saif is keen to remain healthy after his recent hospitalization, he has already begun to work out a bit and he has also decided that he doesn’t want to stress himself out and hence he will not shoot on Sundays. The actor recently also broke up with girlfriend Rosa, but he still remains optimistic about the future. Currently Saif is concentrating on getting back to work and spending quality time with his kids.

Dia Mirza indebted to Salman Khan for his kindness

Salman Khan has done many acts f kindness for several people within the film industry too and Dia Mirza is one person who will always be indebted to him. Salman and Dia were working together for their film ‘Tumko Na Bhool Payenge’. One day when Dia returned home after her shoot, she found her mom lying unconscious in their flat. Luckily for her, Sallu Bhai had also accompanied her home; he immediately took charge of the situation.

Unfortunately that particular day, Dia Mirza’s building lift was out of order. But Salman with his quick thinking carried Dia’s mom down the flight of stairs and rushed her to the hospital. Salman also remained with Dia at the hospital till her mom was stable. Dia is extremely grateful to Salman for his quick thinking and action. She says “I will always be thankful to Salman for saving my mom’s life.”