First Look: Kangana Ranaut doing mujra in 'Rajjo'

Rajjo’ is the dream project of Vishwas Patil. This is the first film directional venture of the renowned writer and historian. The story of ‘Rajjo’ is based on the background of the decaying mujra houses and the lead female actress in the film plays the role of a ‘nautchwali’ or dancing girl. Prakash Raj and Mahesh Manjrekar will be playing critical characters in the movie.

Vishwas Patil was in the lookout for his heroine for the real life, musical film. He finally chose Kangana Ranaut for the role. It is an impeccable choice as she has the beauty and the charm, and has proven beyond doubt that she is a good actress too.

Speaking about his choosing of Kangana, the director said, ''There is no doubt that Kangana is a talent to reckon with, however, what appealed to me more was that she has a strong Indianess to her that hasn't been exploited in her roles so far. With RAJJO that is exactly what I aim to do. The film looks into the issue of the mujra houses that are dying a slow death in today's competitive world of high rises and corruption.''

A visibly excited Kangana speaking about her role in and as ‘Rajjo’, said, “When I heard the script of the film. I knew immediately I wanted to be part of it, people will identify with Rajjo's character and empathize with her struggle.''

The film is produced by the ‘Four Pillars Entertainment’ and is scheduled to release some time near the end of this year. The producers are pulling all stops to ensure that the movie is a success. We hear that a Rs. 5 crore set is built in Borivali, Mumbai that accurately recreates the red light area.

Speaking about the creation of this extravagant set, Vishwas Patil told the reporters, "We want to give a very realistic look to our film for which we are doing all our research. The writer of the film Atul Tiwari actually visited the bylanes of Hira Mandi in Lahore, Pakistan to aide us in building the sets of the places where mujra used to be performed in the yesteryears and we also roped in Munish Sappal (the set designer of Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, Paheli) for creating the sets."

This seems to be an exciting time for Bollywood. New ideas and talents from diverse fields are coming to the tinsel town. We wish all the best to Vishwas Patil on his maiden directional venture.