Kangana's heart beats for Aamir Khan

Kangana Ranaut gets candid on Simi Garewal’s chat show, ‘India’s most desirable’ and she reveals that in Bollywood her heart beats for Aamir Khan and she wishes he was single.

Talking with celebrity host Simi Garewal, Kangna who believes that acting is her passion and she wants to make her mark in Bollywood, said, “I would like to be a part of classics. I am a gifted person. I want to be a part of cinema that is remembered.”

Besides cinema, Kangna gets candid on the personal front with Simi when the host asks her as to what attracts her to men. The actress said, "I get attracted to intellectual people like Mahesh Bhatt.”

Further talking about her new-found-love on the show, she said, "The guy I`m dating is not from Bollywood. In fact, he is an English scientist who talks about such significant things like the genesis of cancer. They are saving lives and we are just making movies!"

Hope, Kangana's heart now starts beating for her new found English doctor.