Kangana Ranaut to play pregnant girlfriend in ‘Katti Batti’

Kangana Ranaut is experimenting different roles. After playing an alcoholic and next door girl in movies, Kangana will now play an unmarried mother in her new movie, Nikhil Advani’s ‘Katti Batti’. The film stars Imran Khan in the male lead. The film is based on a couple’s live-in relationship and how their relationship hit the rough patch.

When the news was broken by Kangana, Imran's character, Maddy, reacts with, "Let's get married?" But Payal (Kangana) takes him by surprise by retorting, "Why? Because I'm pregnant? So what's the big deal!"

Imran plays Maddy who hails from a middle class family from Pune while Kangana plays a volatile girl from a rich Delhi family, hence there's conflict of opinions.

Talking about the movie, director Nikhil Advani said, "I agreed to do the film just on the basis of the original title, Saali Kutiya: A Love Story. The censors would have never passed it, so we changed it to Katti Batti. But I have retained Anshul's modern take on an age-old institution. It reflects the fact that Indian women today are confident, progressive, empowered and ready to take chances."

The film is scripted by IIT pass-out Anshul Singhal, who had a similar experience in life.

The director was always keen to sign Imran as Maddy, but getting Kangana's nod was like a bonus. "After the narration, we sat together for three hours discussing details of the character. I could see that Kangana was as excited as I was," he reminisces.