Kangana Ranaut, Gangster’s debutant actress injured on the sets

Gangster, a film produced by the Bhatts has had its fair share and usual dose of controversies since it has been due for release. The film stars the Bhatt camp blue-eyed boy, Emraan Hashmi, Shiney Ahuja and newcomer Kangana Ranaut. However, being embroiled in controversies is nothing new for a Bhatt film, it is almost second nature that promotes and gives publicity to the film.
Notorious gangster, Abu Salem claims that the film is based on the story of his life. He has even decided to file a case against the Bhatts for making a film on his life without his permission and authority. However, Mahesh Bhatt refutes all claims that the film is based on the notorious gangster’s life. He claims that bits and pieces may resemble Salem’s life story, but the story of this film is not completely based on Salem’s life.

After the claims from Abu Salem, now comes an untoward incident, which took place on the sets during the shooting of Gangster. Kangana, the female lead in the film cut her lip on the sets while shooting, not once, but twice. Both the scenes involved her co-star Shiney Ahuja. In the first instance, the accident occurred in South Korea when the actress was enacting a scene with Shiney. Her co-star was supposed to slap her while Kangana was expected to move away her head in time. Unfortunately, Kangana did not move her head in time and received the slap right across her cheek. Immediately she had a split lip and swollen face.

Mahesh Bhatt confirmed, “It is difficult for newcomers to understand when to move away. Instantly she had a puffed up face and we had to take wide long shots of her.” However, Kangana exclaims, “It was an accident, it wasn’t Shiney’s fault. There were six lights on my face and I could not gauge the exact moment when I had to move my head in a particular direction. I did not move my head away in time, when Shiney’s hand came down on my cheek and so I cut my lip. I immediately stopped shooting to apply some ice, but resumed shooting once more within an hour.”

This did not seem to be the end of Kangana’s split lip mishap. In another incident while shooting in Mumbai the actress was once again hurt on the very same spot as before. She was shooting a scene with Shiney where only her eyes were being shot while she was standing behind him. Suddenly the actor turned and his head and shoulder hit the actress on her lip once more. This time the wound was bleeding profusely. Kangana says, “I went to the doctor and he gave me a few stitches on the lips”

In spite of this untoward accident, Kangana is pretty upbeat about her debut. Well that’s what we call a sporting actress who takes it as it comes. We wish her all the very best for her forthcoming debut in Gangster.