Kangana hurts while shooting an intimate scene

Actors usually gets hurt while shooting an action scene but Kangana Ranaut injured while shooting an intimate scene with John Abraham. While shooting an intimate scene with John,Kangana broke her bangles and hurt her hand as a result she started bleeding.

Despite John holding her hand gently, the bangles broke down and cut her hand.

A source explains, “The scene is meant to be intensely passionate because John and Kangna’s characters meet after a considerable gap of time. To get their expressions right they had even rehearsed for the scene earlier. However, when the actual scene was being shot, the glass bangles she was wearing, broke.The cuts around her wrist made her hand bleed.”

The actress was immediately given first aid and a doctor was called to attend her. Later, when the actress resumed shooting, she was given gold bangles as the director doesn’t want to risk Kangana again. “So when she resumed the shoot, Kangna was given gold bangles to wear for the scene,” adds our source.