Kangana gained extra pounds

Kangana Ranaut gained extra pounds and whilst laid up in bed for twelve days with a fractured foot following an accident on the set of Tanu Weds Manu. "Kangna is looking very pretty with the added weight, I had been asking her to put on some weight. I'm quite happy as she looks perfect for the role of the Punjabi girl she plays in my film." ” said director Aanand Rai.  
Kangana leaps out of the news at you on the cover of this month’s Hi Blitz. Dressed in a remarkable Victorian-influenced neo-gothic black dress with collar accessories and regal hat, she explains in the magazine how she feels like she has the experience of a forty-four year old trapped within her twenty-two year old body. "It's shameful for me to be only 22. I have a mind of 40-50 year-old-woman, which is scary. I can't connect with people of my own age: for me they are way too young. In a way, I have accepted that I feel way too old." Kangana argued.  
At present Kangana is looking forward to the release of the long-delayed Kites. The choreographer of the movie, Soparkar, thinks she will steal the show. “Kangna Ranaut will surprise everybody with her performance,”.“We have all seen her in these psycho-type roles, but she is a natural dancer. I choreographed two songs with her and Hrithik and she really proved to be a match for him and we all know how good a dancer he is.” Soparrkar added.