'Queen' Teaser: Kangana Ranaut asking for honeymoon tips

With every passing day, marketing takes yet another innovative step. This time, Viacom 18 Pictures takes the cake! In the new teaser of Kangna Ranaut’s upcoming film, ‘Queen’, the marketing team has adopted an interesting novel style to promote the plot of the movie - Rani’s ‘pehla honeymoon’!

In the teaser, Kangana Ranaut’s character Rani is seen facing the camera in what resembles a simple home video. She looks shy as she introduces herself, ‘Hello, myself Rani. Woh mujhe pyar se Queen kehte hain’ She goes on to explain that she will get married in the next two days and will be going to ‘phoren’ countries – Paris and Amsterdam for her honeymoon. She admits that it is her first honeymoon and she asks the audience to provide interesting tips for the same as well as inviting them to share anecdotes of their own.

The teaser is made in a documentary style, where the focus is directed from the actor towards the common public where they are asked to provide tips on the perfect honeymoon. It is hilarious to note the awkwardness the people face while answering the question, while some people point out the obvious necessities of a honeymoon. People are stumped as they do not understand how to answer such a question on camera. A lady provides an interesting tip – go for packages. That seems extremely handy, judging by the value of the rupee at present. Thank you ma’am! Another couple volunteers, ‘Drink, party and party!’ A person takes the easy way out saying, ‘it’s a private matter. Let them do what they want’. Hmm...  Diplomatic, we see!

 The teaser is presented into an open forum on YouTube, inviting people to post their responses as comment or to provide responses through video. ‘Queen’ is an upcoming romantic-drama movie starring Kangana Ranaut, Rajkumar Yadav and Lisa Haydon as the central characters. The movie is slated for release in 2014. It revolves around a small town girl Rani, her upcoming nuptials and honeymoon thereafter. Kangana has shed her glam doll image for a simple girl-next-door avatar. She forcefully exhibits the pre wedding jitters a girl has right before her marriage. Clad in a simple shalwar kameez, hair kept loose and face devoid of makeup, Kangana banks entirely on her acting talent to convincingly pull off Rani, the young coy bride-to-be who sets out to win the hearts of people with her endearing and innocent nature.