Kangana desires to have babies

Kangana Ranaut after drifting apart from boyfriend Adhyayan Suman gets busy in making films and planning babies. Yes, the sultry actress is floored by the beauty of Switzerland where she is currently shooting and on looking at the exotic locations of the place Kangana's heart started beating very fast and the actress is dreaming to have a big family with bunch of children and grandchildren and spending time with them here. Feeling lonely in Switzerland, Kangana misses her family back in Mumbai. 

Her desire to have babies can be known from her Facebook status. Her status message reads: ‘I’m in Switzerland and this place reminds my family and me of Manali. I can’t wait to have kids and grandkids.’

Talking about her Facebook message, the actress said, “All I can see here are old couples spending time with their children and grandchildren. Be it mountain climbing, sitting in cafeterias, or walking on the streets, the tots are with their grandparents. It makes me long for grandchildren.”