Kangana as Madhubala in Anurag Basu's next

Kangana Ranaut was miffed with Anurag Basu for not highlighting her in ‘Kites’ but all the ill feeling is going to die down soon as Basu has cast Kangana in his next movie which is a biopic on legendry Kishore Kumar.

Anurab Basu justifies his choice. "There was no role that she could do in my current film, Barfee. It does feel odd to be working without her.

But I'm sure we'll work together again. It could be in Kishore (what the biopic is called)."

Anurag said that he was hurt when Kangana went public to express his annoyance against him.

Anurag admits he was hurt. "If she had a problem with me regarding her role in Kites or whatever, she could've picked up the phone and told me.

Why go public about it? Yes, that hurt. I think she was upset because she was left out of the publicity of Kites.

Basu wanted to showcase Hrithik Roshan-Barbara Mori love story." Anurag maintains, "We are and always will be friends. There's no problem from my side."